Fiesta de la Sardina (Sardine Festival)

A festivity in honour of the most popular blue fish

The Sardine Festival in Vigo is an essential ritual, more than a tradition. The sardine is perhaps Galicia’s most representative food, and in Vigo you can try all kinds and prepared in a thousand different ways. The most typical are grilled sardines, which you can savour in one of Vigo’s most popular festivities: the Sardine Festival in A Guía.

"Grilled sardine is one of the great snacks during marine Galicia’s summers. Ask for fresh white fish to clean your mouth. But grilled sardines also make a good lunch, starter, appetizer..." said one of the greatest Galician culinary experts, writer Álvaro Cunqueiro.

To honour this tasty bite of the sea, this celebration maintains all the traditions of the ancient Galician pilgrimages, and it’s perhaps Vigo’s most important gastronomic event: don’t miss it!

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The area of A Guía Mountain in Teis, where we celebrate the Sardine Festival, is one of Vigo’s most beautiful spots; take the opportunity to explore it.

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Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

Practical information

  • Fiesta de la Sardina
  • Carballeira (robledal) de A Guía, barrio de Teis

18th and 19th of August 2018