Bouzas festivities

Be enchanted by the fireworks in Bouzas

The Bouzas festivities are probably the most famous celebrations of all the neighbourhoods in Vigo due to the spectacular Bouzas fireworks. They are held during the second fortnight of July and for five long days, they fill the neighbourhood with food stalls, street bars, children's attractions (and for the not so young) as well as traditional dances.

The festival is in honour of the Christ of the Afflicted and there is a very popular solemn mass on Sunday. That same day, starting at midnight, the sky turns all kinds of colours thanks to the famous Bouzas fireworks. Don’t miss it if you're in Vigo that weekend, they’re truly impressive!

Tips and recommendations: 

If you want to see the fireworks, take into account that Bouzas is very crowded that night. Nevertheless, the show is visible from anywhere in the estuary so you can see them from any high point in the city, for example, O Castro Mountain.

Some boat rental companies offer the opportunity of seeing the fireworks from the sea. If you came to Vigo with your couple, it could be a night to remember.

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