1.   ASK FOR AUTHORIZATION AND BOOK YOUR BOAT TICKET IN ADVANCE: if you don’t want a nasty surprise and find you can’t visit the Cies Islands because there are no places left, buy your ticket beforehand. The islands are a National Park and the number of visitors per day is restricted. For that reason, before buying your boat ticket you must ask for an authorization to Xunta de Galicia.  You can buy tickets online from the ferry companies:




2.      THE BOAT WAITS FOR NOBODY: make sure you get to the Estación Maritima ferry terminal in good time to park your car or ensure you have enough time to reach it from the bus or train stations. Boarding takes place 10 minutes before sailing.

3.      DO NOT WEAR FLIP-FLOPS: it’s true that the Cíes Islands have incredible beaches but… no flip-flops! Otherwise you will end up with blisters all over your feet when you try to climb up to the Lighthouse or go on one of the incredible walks along the Park’s paths. If you do take them, make sure that you also have other, more suitable footwear. Your feet are the only means of transport on the islands, so make sure they’re not going to suffer.

4.      SUN CREAM: even though it looks like a cloudy day, or a mild one, do not forget to put sun cream on every three hours unless you want come back looking like a lobster.

5.      WATCH OUT FOR THE SEAGULLS: Feeding animals in the Park is not allowed, but some of them are always on the scrounge so… watch out for the seagulls! They’re very pretty but they will steal and eat your food. Do not leave anything edible in view and make sure you close your bags properly because they can undo zips and untie knots. Believe us, it’s true!