Vigo in three days

From urban Vigo to the estuary

Spending a long weekend in Vigo will allow you to calmly discover the streets, history and landscapes offered by the city and its estuary, alternating urban tourism and nature within the same region.

DAY 1: Start your stay by discovering our origins, for example, the castreño (Celtic) settlement from the Bronze Age that is located at the foot of O Castro Mountain. Take the opportunity to visit this beautiful park, atop of which is one of Vigo’s most spectacular viewpoints, and then walk down to the Old Town for a stopover in Salinae, the ancient Roman salt mines. Enjoy the rest of the day in the centre: you can plan an afternoon visiting museums in the city’s cultural golden mile, including the MARCO Museum, the Novacaixagalicia Cultural Centre, the Barrié Foundation, the Casa das Artes... Or you can dive into the lively streets of the Old Town, browse in the craft shops, eat at one of its restaurants or try our oysters in Calle de las Ostras. If you still have hours left in your first day in Vigo, we suggest you sit in a terrace in La Alameda or on Montero Ríos Street for a drink.

DAY 2: For your second day we suggest you leave the centre to discover our neighbourhoods. Start in Alcabre, on the coast, stopping by the Museum of the Sea on the way to the beaches of Samil or Vao. If you enjoy the sun like a lizard, our suggestions end here: enjoy the day in one of these two beaches and top it off by dining at one of the restaurants in Canido, where you will delight your senses with the best products of our estuary at very affordable prices. Even if the beach is not your thing, don’t leave the coast, there’s an archaeological site right on the beach, the Roman Villa of Toralla. There are also at least two forest parks at walking distance, Saiáns and Coruxo, where you can go hiking, biking and even organize a picnic for your family: they have barbecues, tables and fountains at your disposal. Whichever the plan you choose, you also have the option of ending the day in Bouzas, and iconic seaside neighbourhood. After strolling down its cobbled streets or its promenade, you can dine at any of the dozens of great restaurants available.

DAY 3: And to end your stay in Vigo, you have to explore our estuary: it’s an experience offered by few cities, don’t waste it. Take a boat to the Cíes Islands from the Ría Pier and spend an unforgettable day in this National Marine-terrestrial Park. Heavenly beaches, like Rodas, hiking trails, a restaurant, a campsite... the Cíes Islands offer all kinds of activities to spend a day submersed in nature.

If you didn’t come in summer or Easter, you won’t be able to go to the Cíes Islands; but what you can do is enjoy our estuary by strolling in the cruise ship pier or the As Avenidas gardens towards the A Guía Mountain, from which you’ll have beautiful views of the whole estuary.

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Once you’re in Vigo, you can inquire about exhibitions, boat schedules, prices of fares, etc. by calling the toll free local information number, 010.

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