O Vao Beach

Sports and relaxation with friends in O Vao

O Vao is Vigo’s beach for young people: 150 feet of sand where you can spend summer evenings with friends playing football, learning how to windsurf or going out sailing.

O Vao’s extremely fine sand makes it one of the most spectacular beaches in Vigo, both in winter and summer. The seafront allows you to walk along the beach; there’s parking, football fields, showers, toilets and a bar, making O Vao a complete and comfortable beach for young people.

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Tips and recommendations: 

O Vao is linked to Toralla, a private island with free access beaches.

It's right next to the Mirambell Estate, where you can visit the Roman Villa of Toralla archaeological site.

To park in O Vao in summer it’s recommended you get there early. Another option is to use public transport, which provides good connections with the centre and reinforcements in summer.

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Turismo de Vigo

Practical information

  • C/ de Canido

Dimensions: 0.5 mile x 150 feet

Blue flag 2016

Urban bus lines: 
L10 y L11