A sea of culture

Cultural tourism in Vigo is one of the city’s great attractions. Vigo breathes culture and modernity, offering travellers the widest range of leisure options in Galicia: from shows, musicals and theatre to contemporary art exhibits, like the ones in MARCO or the great revisions of the classics in the Afundacion Cultural Centre exhibit room.

But Vigo is much more. Vigo is counterculture, the birthplace of the independent, underground scene in Galicia, as would be expected from the city that started the Movida movement in the 80s alongside Madrid.

This is where you’ll find the best musical offer in Galicia, in the city’s concert venues and their varied programmes. You can also enjoy Vigo’s music festivals, mandatory annual events for all tastes, from the classical music season to the latest indie sounds. Check Vigo’s cultural agenda to see what you can attend during your visit.

And if you're looking for a truly authentic cultural trip to Vigo, take the opportunity to discover the local popular celebrations: The Reconquista, San Roque and Los Mayos are great examples of our rich Galician cultural tradition and folklore.