Useful tips

Time zone: Vigo’s time zone is the same as the rest of Spain. However, if you visit Vigo you must keep in mind that the sun sets an hour later than in the rest of the country. In June, there’s daylight until at least 10.30pm, since it’s the month with the most hours of sun and the shortest nights (on the night of San Juan the sun sets at almost eleven!). 

Shopping hours in commercial areas are usually 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm. Shopping centres are open all day, from 10am to 10pm.

Eating hours are 1pm to 3pm for lunch and dinner usually starts at 9pm, but in Vigo, the city that never sleeps, you’ll find restaurants that close at midnight. This is a habit in Industrial Vigo, a city with 24 hour uninterrupted work shifts. 

Tipping: in Vigo, leaving a tip is up to you. We usually tip when the service is particularly good or when the waiter brings a little something to eat with your drink, which is most of the time.

Traffic rules: traffic in Vigo is agile, like in Madrid or any other large city in Spain. Vigo is famous for its steep streets, and although native drivers know how to start a car without using the hand brake, it’s probably a good idea not to forget to use it on slopes.     

Parishes: Vigo is one of the few Spanish cities that is still divided into parishes instead of districts, which is very typical in Galicia. Vigo grew so quickly that it swallowed up the surrounding towns and villages, which is why these areas maintain the appearance of individual towns and are organized by parishes, like in the 19th century.