Galician oral tradition

Regueifas are another of Vigo’s musical traditions and a part of Galicia’s secular heritage. They’re used to test the famous Galician retranca (malicious wit), since a regueifa is basically improvised sung dialogue, full of rhyme, rivalry, irony and most of all, humour.

There are neighbourhoods in Vigo where the regueifa is an institution, like in Valadares. A contest is held each fall at the Valadares Cultural Centre, in which secondary school students give a lesson in wit to anyone who approaches to listen. 

Practical information

  • Asociación Oral de Galiza
  • Estrada Xeral de Valadares, 261
  • Telephone number: 
    986 467 053
  • Fax number: 
    986 467 052