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How do you distinguish good seafood? How do you cook octopus or prepare an estuary spider crab?... The cook on Galician television’s most popular cooking show, Benigno Campos, gives us a few tips to learn more about the typical products used in Vigo’s cuisine.

Can I tell if seafood is from the Vigo estuary just by looking at it?

Definitely. One of the easiest to distinguish is the spider crab, you can tell if it’s from the estuary or French, as well as the barnacle. Crabs, prawns or clawed lobsters are harder to differentiate, especially if they’re Irish. Canadian clawed lobster is visibly different: it’s redder and has a larger head.

How can I distinguish a Galician sardine from a Mediterranean one?

Put them on the grill; Galician sardines release a special and characteristic fat located between their skin and meat, which soaks bread thoroughly. The Mediterranean sardine is drier, as it comes from hot waters.

What is the right way to open oysters?

On their flat side, in a corner, there’s a kind of hinge that you can pinch, with the concave shell downwards. This allows us to separate the meat from the shell. It can then be served in any of the two shells.

How can I tell if a crab is male or female?

Their shells have a sort of tab: if it’s male, it’s pointed and triangular, if it’s female, it’s rounder.

What are the best months to buy octopus?

All the months with the letter "r" in their name (September-April). During those months, the characteristic hole they have in the centre of each portion when cut is completely filled. The rest of the year you can eat it and it’s tasty, but during those months it’s exceptionally good.

Is there any way to distinguish Galician veal?

Not at first glance, but it has an official identification seal that guarantees its quality.

Is Celtic Pork good for cooking?

It’s excellent. In fact, it was very present in Galicia’s gastronomic past and is now being brought back. It tastes as good as Iberian Pork.