Vigo Festival

Experience Vigo during its Great Week

Vigo’s Great Week is the largest traditional festival in Vigo: 7 days of concerts, popular celebrations, children's games and tons of other proposals that flood the city during the first week of August.

The procession of the Christ of the Victory is the most important religious event in Vigo’s Great Week and the most multitudinous: thousands of locals accompany the figure of Christ on its journey through the streets of the Old Town to the Church of Santa María.

Vigo’s Christ of the Victory is an emblem of the city and, among other things, it is credited with the victory over Napoleon's troops, who invaded Vigo in 1809. Since then, the Christ is taken out in procession every first Sunday of August.

Tips and recommendations: 

Vigo’s outdoor auditorium in Castrelos Park only opens during the Vigo Festival. Don’t miss any of the concerts it offers, it’ll be an experience you'll never forget.

If you’re in town during the Great Week, you can also enjoy outdoor concerts every night in Praza da Constitución Square, in the city’s Old Town.