A traditional music serán

Do you know what a serán in Vigo is? The Galician word serán is only used in certain parts of the Pontevedra province. It’s a unique word that in the old days defined Vigo’s typical dances, which were organized almost spontaneously in villages celebrating any sort of festivity.

Since they began in the evening, “polo serán” in Galician language, that’s the name they received. These traditional festivals are celebrated in some of Vigo’s neighbourhoods and everyone sings and dances, so you better start practicing your muiñeira and pasodoble moves!

Tips and recommendations: 

Seráns don’t have set dates; many are traditionally organized a few days before the actual dance. One of the most famous seráns in Vigo is the Serán das Tarambainas, held in September in the neighbourhood of Cabral. You can check the approximate schedule on the blogs of cultural associations.