El Nadador (The Swimmer)

The set of sculptures by Leiro in the port.

One of the most iconic sculptures in Vigo is El Nadador (The Swimmer). Located on the edge of the Vigo estuary, it’s the sculptor Francisco Leiro’s stunning recognition to the efforts of swimmers. The sculpture consists of several bronze elements that seem partially submerged in the pavement of Vigo’s port area.

The main figure, El Salto (The Jump), is located in As Avenidas, next to the Ría Maritime Station. It shows a swimmer about to plunge his arm in a perfect front crawl stroke. Near this beautiful statue in Vigo you’ll find the Real Club Náutico de Vigo’s swimming pool, where some of the best swimmers in the city train.

The second sculpture is in Praza da Estrela Square and represents the swimmer already in the water, his bronze face a reflection of his efforts.

If you enjoy contemporary sculpture you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the powerful volume of bronze and how it invites interaction, as well as the stunning views.

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You’re in the Ensanche in Vigo, the city’s stately area. If you walk around to appreciate this sculpture in its entirety, you’ll see some of the most beautiful facades on your way along Montero Ríos Street.

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