The Port in 100 minutes

Discover Vigo’s origin and engine in less than 2 hours

If you’re travelling to Vigo for a weekend or a group trip, we suggest you take this tour through the port of Vigo that is less than two hours long. Easy and convenient, the Port in 100 minutes is an essential route to discover the origin of Vigo.

Vigo was born and grew thanks to its port. It’s one of the world's major fishing ports, with space for cruisers, yachts and shipbuilding areas. Walking around it is like travelling through the veins that fill the city with oxygen, and you can do in just under two hours.

Our tour begins in the centre, in the lower end of the Old Town where you can taste the oysters sold by the experienced oyster sellers, who open and serve them in the street. In the same direction, moving forward, we get to Laxe Street, where there are numerous restaurants for you to try Galician cuisine, dominated by seafood and wines from the Rias Baixas.

The tour continues among stately buildings like the Hotel Universal, walking along its left side until we reach two quiet parks, the Alameda in Praza de Compostela, and turning towards to the sea, the paseo de las Avenidas. We’ll walk parallel to the latter until we reach the city’s marina. Towards the mouth of the estuary, we’ll find the Muelle de Transatlánticos (Cruise pier), dominated by its Maritime Station, where’ we’ll have a panoramic view of the harbour: the container pier and a few shipyards to the east and the fishing area, vehicle loading area and more shipyards to the west.

In the same direction, we reach the Old Town: the original core of this sailor town, where boats were moored in those preserved arcades that in the old days were almost on the sand. Facing the square, you’ll find the lonja de Vigo (fish market), one of the most important in the world, and behind it, a series of piers where boats rest before their next venture.

Tips and recommendations: 

The far end of the pier for Cruise ships offers an excellent view of the estuary and the harbour.

A Pescadería Street, in the Old Town, is a famous oyster street and a mandatory gastronomic visit.

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Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

Practical information

Distance: 1.2 miles.

Duration time: Just over half an hour with stops.

Difficulty: Easy.

Type of route: Not circular.