The Vigo estuary

Vigo’s sea

The Vigo estuary is the city’s real treasure: its origin, its engine, its past and its future. Of all the Galician estuaries, ours is the one furthest south of the Rías Baixas and it enters the earth to mix with the river’s water, while the sides of the valley rise to form mountains on the coast’s edge, drawing a myriad of incomparable outlines...

Beautiful, no doubt, and also unique: the Vigo estuary is protected by the Cíes Islands, a nature park in the middle of the Atlantic and a gateway to the Vigo estuary from the open sea.

This is our natural paradise, the sea of ​​Vigo, with its calm waters and exceptionally rich marine life. In it float our traditional hatcheries, nurseries for the authentic Vigo estuary mussel, and the silhouettes of the world's largest ocean liners.

In addition to beautiful, the Vigo estuary is the most important in Galicia, making it one of Europe’s main ports and a fishing capital.

This is a place unlike any other; perfect to live in and a must to visit. What are you waiting for to discover the Vigo estuary?