El Sireno (The Merman)

The man-fish in Puerta del Sol

El Sireno is Vigo’s monument par excellence. Located in the Porta do Sol, this sculpture by Galician artist Francisco Leiro is one of the symbols of modern Vigo; its style and the very high pedestal on which it stands make it an impressive work of art. The sculpture was installed in 1991 and represents an imaginary character, a hybrid of fish and man. Since then, it has become one of Vigo’s most representative monuments due to its striking modernity and how it reflects the city, which it monitors from its elevated location.

Tips and recommendations: 

The Porta do Sol is a footstep away from Vigo’s Old Town and another from the Ensanche; take the opportunity to explore the city centre.

Vigo has two essential meeting points: La Farola (The Streetlight) and El Sireno. Don’t forget this when meeting someone from Vigo, they’ll probably give you one of these references, which, interestingly enough, are one of the city’s oldest and one of the most modern monuments. They also mark the beginning and the end of Príncipe Street, Vigo’s main commercial area.

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