A Sobreira Beach and O Xunqueiro Beach

Quiet beaches in Cape Estai

The small beaches of A Sobreira and O Xunqueiro are in Cape Estai, a privileged residential area where you can find peace even on the most crowded beach days.

They may not be as spectacular as O Vao or Samil, but they’re definitely charming; these coves are quiet, with easy access and parking. In addition, their rocky bottom makes them ideal beaches for diving.

On your way there, you'll see spectacular seafront homes, outstanding places to live or vacation.

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Tips and recommendations: 

If you’re driving to Cape Estai, take Canido Beach as a reference point, and when you pass it, continue straight on along the coast.

The first cove in Cape Estai is known as ‘the doctors’ beach’, because it was where they built their homes during the last decades of the 20th century

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Practical information


A Sobreira – 650 x 80 feet

O Xunqueiro – 1800 x 30 feet

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