Coast, nature and heritage

Oia is synonymous with coast, nature and heritage. The growth of this parish in Vigo is based on two industries: cannery and flax; hence the popular toponym Liñares, which is also the name of the chapel where a popular pilgrimage takes place in September. Oia is an area of a complex physical geography and rich natural environment, where you can visit one of the most important Roman sites in Vigo, the Toralla Roman Villa, located in what is known as Finca Mirambell.

Oia will seduce you through your eyes and palate. In places like Canido, you’ll be served the best seafood fresh out of Vigo’s Estuary. Seafood restaurants, taverns and tapas bars will welcome you after a pleasant day at one of the beaches, like A Sobreira and O Xunqueiro, in Cabo Estai, a seafront residential area.

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This parish boasts 154 hórreos in just over 4.5 square miles. There are also two cruceiros, one of them in the church’s atrium.

Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

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Habitantes: Algo más de 4.000