The Roman Villa of Toralla

Visit the Roman villa on the Mirambell estate

The Roman Villa of Toralla is still called Finca Mirambell because the land was once owned by the Mirambell family. In fact, they were the ones who found the first remains of this archaeological site in Vigo in the 1920s.

The main feature of this site, which dates back to the fourth and fifth centuries AD, is that it’s the only Roman town in Galicia whose remains are fully excavated and can be visited.

There are two types of tours, an external, visual one, with information panels on the site, and another among the remains of the villa. This way, you can see the different rooms of the house, the saltern and a complex thermal system denoting the high social status of its inhabitants.

Guided tours :

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The Roman Villa of Toralla is in the neighbourhood of Oia, next to O Vao Beach. If you decide to spend a family day at the beach, you can visit the site and maybe have something to eat at one of the lovely restaurants in Canido.

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