A neighbourhood with fabulous beaches

Alcabre is synonymous with beaches and sea. Located near the centre and along the coast from the port of Vigo, it’s a favourite beach area among the locals. On weekdays, many head down to Alcabre’s beautiful coves for some sun and relaxation, or to eat in its wonderful restaurants. Its small beaches dot the coast on both sides of the impressive Museo do Mar (Museum of the Sea). The footsteps of its first inhabitants date back to 6500-4500 BC. Much later, and according to legend, the English privateer Drake landed on Santa Baia beach, but was expelled by the locals with their farming tools.


Tips and recommendations: 

Alcabre houses an interesting collection of 18th century religious architecture formed by a church, rectory and cemetery, almost touching the sea.

After you’ve explored O Cocho and Mourisca Beach, you can walk by the sea along the wonderful Santa Baia Beach, towards Bouzas and following the Senda Azul(Blue Trail).

Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

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