A land of heritage along the Lagares River

The Lagares River cuts through the chaira (the plains in Galician) where Sárdoma was built. This is a parish that despite the marked industrial development along the river, maintains a rural feel. It has a very interesting architectural heritage; a legacy of feudalism resulted in the parish being controlled by noble families, who lived in pazos. Among the ones preserved, we’d like to highlight two from the 18th century, A Raposeira and San Roque. The latter is the focus of the locals’ devotion for the city’s unofficial patron saint. The spectacular San Roque festivities are celebrated in August, something not to be missed.

Tips and recommendations: 

Sárdoma’s medieval bridge, built between the 12th and 13th centuries, is still in use. The parish itself (church, atrium with a cruceiro and a 13th century rectory) offers an interesting bell tower attached to the facade. There is another cruceiro, the A Laxe, to which miraculous powers are attributed.

The Lagares River route will take all the way down to the beaches if you follow the Senda Azul (Blue Trail).

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