The Olive Tree and the Viewpoint over the Estuary

The Olive tree, the symbol of the city

The Mirador del Olivo (olive tree viewpoint) is the locals’ favourite place to contemplate the Vigo estuary. It’s a magical place located in the centre, facing A Fonte, one of the prettiest squares in the city and on Paseo de Alfonso XII Avenue.

The olive tree is one of Vigo’s most important symbols, hence the name Olive City. This tree takes us back to a past when Vigo was surrounded by olive groves; unfortunately, the Catholic Monarchs ordered they be cut down as punishment to the nobles from Vigo who supported "the Beltraneja", a Castillian princess who claimed her crown.

This centenary olive tree commemorates that story, the story of Vigo, but it also speaks of the future: because Vigo grows, like the tree that symbolizes it, strong and constant.

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The current olive tree is a son of Vigo’s historical olive trees and, in turn, there are future generations prepared to replace it when it dies. It’s our own, personal “Guernica tree".

If you go down the steep stairs behind the tree, you’ll reach the lower part of the Old Town.

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Turismo de Vigo

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  • Paseo de Alfonso XII