Illas Atlanticas national park

The Cíes are an ecological treasure

The Parque Nacional Illas Atlánticas (Atlantic Islands National Park) is an incredible marine-terrestrial park formed by a chain of islands that run from the Arosa estuary to the Vigo estuary; a natural paradise of steep cliffs and protected seabeds of exceptionally rich marine life.

The National Park is 8,480 hectares in size, over 1,000 of them on land, and its main attraction are the Cíes Islands, an archipelago where all natural systems linked to coastal areas and the Eurosiberian region continental shelves are represented.

Thickets, dunes, beaches, rich seabeds... make up an impressive natural mosaic with over 200 species of algae that coexist with a wide variety of fish, shellfish, and sea birds that nest on the cliffs of the Cíes.

Tips and recommendations: 

Since it’s a protected area, please be sure to follow the conditions for anchoring, diving and camping in the Cíes Islands.

The Cíes are a must if you’re planning to travel to Vigo in the summer or Easter, which is when there are regular boat lines.

There is a daily quota of visitors and you can only camp in the Cíes if you booked a place in the campsite.

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