Fiesta del Mejillón (Mussel Festival)

Taste Vigo’s authentic farm mussel

The mussel is the king of the Vigo estuary. Cultivated with traditional techniques and kept in the hundreds of farms that dot the coast of Vigo, mussels can be prepared dozens of different ways. The Vigo Mussel Festival, held every September in Castrelos Park, is the best way to discover a typical mexilonada (mussel fest). In the words of one of the most universal Galician writers, Álvaro Cunqueiro: "(...) the best way to cook them is steamed or in boiling water in a pot, but with little water, the mussel is best cooked in the water it releases. They can be eaten boiled, in a cocktail, pickled, with rice, in pie... "

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Castrelos Park is an ideal place to visit with children. You’ll find the Quiñones de León Museum at the top, with a collection of Galician art and romantic gardens.

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Practical information

  • Fiesta del Mejillón
  • Parque de Castrelos, Avda. de Castrelos

1st week of september