The transition from a rural past to an industrial present

Comesaña has a mandatory gastronomic route: few neighbourhoods in Vigo have this many grillrooms (what Galicians call churrascos). If you still haven’t tried Galician veal or pork, wait no longer. Galician veal has a PGI status and Galician pork dishes are some of the tastiest in Spain.

But the truly characteristic thing about Comesaña is its river, the Lagares, which has influenced every construction in this small parish. Fountains, washing places and old mills are the testimony of a rural past that currently coexists with progress, since dozens of companies have settled in the industrial area of ​​O Caramuxo.

You can walk down the Blue Trail that runs along the Lagares River and towards the beaches.                    

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This parish boasts three cruceiros: the Cristo do Pazo, in the parish church, and the Cristo do Outeiro, one of the oldest in Galicia. Also worth visiting are the church and the rectory, located next to the square built for the celebration of festivities. The parish celebrates its most important festivity, the Rosario, in September.

Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

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