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In Saiáns you’ll discover some of Vigo’s most spectacular beaches. Although it’s only one square mile in size, Vigo’s westernmost neighbourhood combines the charm of being an almost completely rural area with a rich archaeological heritage: its first remains date back to the Bronze Age. Saiáns Forest Park is one of the most beautiful in Vigo, which is saying something in a city surrounded by mountains and nature trails. This is an ideal place for hiking and enjoying beautiful views of the Vigo Estuary.

Tips and recommendations: 

Visit the ethnographic remains in Estea in Saiáns Forest Park, where axes from the Bronze Age were found, along an easy and well marked path.

In 1995, the Aula da Etnografía e a Natureza (Ethnography and Nature Studies) was established for the recovery of instruments used in traditional Galician culture.

Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

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