A date with urban culture in O'Marisquiño

O'Marisquiño is a festival dedicated to urban culture in Vigo: skate, graffiti, break dance... Every second weekend of August, thousands of amateur and professional skateboarders and other two wheeled riders meet in Vigo to participate in a unique event: O'Marisquiño, the largest urban culture festival in northern Spain.

This spectacular event attracts thousands of visitors each year: over 50,000 people travel to Vigo that weekend to attend the freestyle competitions, and at night, enjoy its urban culture parties and concerts in Vigo. Trial bike, skate, urban bike races, acrobatics... Vigo is filled with adrenaline on wheels for two days, as well as break dancing, graffiti and unforgettable concerts, like Public Enemy in 2011, included in the Vigo Festival programme.

Tips and recommendations: 

You don’t have to be a skateboarding fanatic to visit Vigo and enjoy O'Marisquiño; the acrobatics are impressive and the atmosphere in the port area is unique.

O'Marisquiño Festival is free, so you can schedule your getaway to Vigo and enjoy a different kind of weekend plan, combining beach, sightseeing and fun, all in one.

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Turismo de Vigo

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