Afundación Social Centre

Discover contemporary Galician art

The Afundación Social Centre is one of the large exhibition centres in Vigo. The restoration of the beautiful Casa Bárcena in the early 2000s was an important event for the city. The impressive eclectic style building designed by Jenaro de la Fuente in the 19th century became the Afundación Social Centre, to serve as a catalyst for the social and cultural demands of the city of Vigo.

The building has a beautiful indoor garden that floods every floor with light. Of its entire surface, 1,000 feet² are for the Afundación Collection, considered to be the best private Galician art collection in the world: 4,000 pieces by Galician artists like Colmeiro, Lugrís, Seoane, Lamazares, Maside... from which 120 are exposed, organized in an educational tour.

In addition, the Afundación Social Centre  has three temporary exhibition halls, for different styles and from several museums and private collections. They coexist with scientific and ethnographic areas, as well as innovative and classical art tours.

It also has training rooms and creativity workshops, which host numerous photography and multimedia courses, as well as cooking lessons and wine tastings.

Check the wine tasting programme.

Check the cooking lessons programme.

Tips and recommendations: 

If you came to Vigo with children, we recommend you visit Naturnova, the area dedicated to the little ones.

If you came to Vigo on business, you can check the availability of the four halls offered by the Social Centre, and host your events or work meetings there.

Practical information

Lunes a viernes: de 18:00 a 21:30h

Sábados, domingos y festivos: de 11:00 a 14:00h y de 18:00 a 21:30h