Toralla Beach

La playa de Vigo que mira al sur

Toralla beach is the only one facing south out of all of Vigo’s beaches. Located on a private island, it’s divided in two by a bridge, which you’ll have to cross if you’re accessing the island by foot (the other option is by sea, on a boat or swimming, since it’s very close to O Vao). This is a quiet beach, perfect for a couple's getaway to Vigo.

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Tips and recommendations: 

Don’t try to access Toralla Island by car; although it’s a public beach, only resident have car access to the island. You can leave your car in O Vao Beach, just across the bridge.

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Turismo de Vigo

Practical information

  • Toralla

Dimensions: 650 x 65 feet

Urban bus lines: 
L10 y L11