Monumento a los Galeones (Monument to the Galleons)

The anchors of the Battle of Rande in O Castro

One of the most beautiful monuments in Vigo is the Monument to the Rande Galleons, also knows as Las Anclas (The Anchors). It’s located on O Castro Mountain and overlooks the Vigo estuary, which gives it the perfect setting.

The monument is composed of three anchors, silhouetted against the horizon, from the dozens of ships that sank in the Vigo estuary during the Battle of Rande (1702). It’s a work by architect Desiderio Pernas that recalls the legendary battle between the Anglo-Dutch navy and Spanish-French fleets. According to the legend, the treasures in the Spanish ships also sank in the deep waters of the estuary. Every few years, an expedition is organized to dive into the Vigo estuary in hopes of finding them. Perhaps you’ll be the lucky one!

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To get to Las Anclas, you’ll have to walk through one of the most beautiful areas of Vigo, O Castro Mountain. This is a mountain in the heart of the city where you can also visit the archaeological site and the castros (forts) that were the origin of Vigo.

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