Diving in the Cíes Islands

Dive into the Cíes Islands’ marine ecosystem

Diving in the Cíes Islands is one of the most amazing experiences one can enjoy in the Vigo estuary. Here, instead of diving with tropical fish you'll be floating among lobsters, crabs and octopuses. And as you approach the rocks, you’ll see barnacles and mussels, sea urchins, huge forests of anemones and even flounder and turbot! It's a very rich ecosystem, which you can also learn about in the Galician Museum of the Sea aquarium.

A good option is to seek advice from any of the dive clubs and companies in Vigo, which can provide you with equipment, guide you safely and tell you the best kept secrets of the Cíes Islands’ seabeds.

Tips and recommendations: 

Atlantic waters are cold: keep this in mind when choosing your wetsuit for diving in the Cíes Islands.

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