Turismo de Vigo

Concerts in Castrelos are unique events; if you're lucky and your stay in Vigo coincides with a concert at the Castrelos Auditorium, don’t think twice about attending!

Castrelos is the only open-air auditorium in Vigo and a truly magical place. Located in Castrelos Park, it has a section with 5,000 seats for paying audience and there are also free seats for more than 10,000 people.

The Castrelos Auditorium has hosted Oasis, Metallica, Leonard Cohen, Franz Ferdinand or Maná, among a long list of international artists. Some, like Mike Oldfield, fell in love with this auditorium, and even though they were scheduled to play in a different venue, they gave their concert in this beautiful building, which resembles a Roman theatre.

Tips and recommendations:

The Quiñones de León Pazo-Museum is also in Castrelos Park, as well as several gardens and walking paths to stroll at leisure.

  Dates Castrelos 2024

  • 13th of July: Dani Fernández
  • 20th of July: Coral Casablanca
  • 23rd of July: Luis Fonsi
  • 25th of July: Sen Senra
  • 2nd of August: Luz Casal
  • 3rd of August: Aitana
  • 7th of August: UB40
  • 14th of August: Víctor Manuel
  • 16th of August: Vetusta Morla y Xoél López
  • 17th of August: Melendi