Swimming in the Vigo Estuary

Swimming in Vigo is probably one of the most established sports in the city’s extensive sporting tradition. There are several teams, but the best known is the Real Club Náutico de Vigo. There are two essential annual swimming events: the crossings of the estuary. Held every summer, one is approximately half a mile long, between Toralla and O Vao, and the classic, most difficult of the two is 2.5 miles, from Moaña to the dock of the Vigo Yacht Club.

In Vigo, you can swim in several municipal swimming pools that are accessible for a small daily fee. There are swimming pools, 80 feet in size, in Lavadores, Teis  and Travesas. In addition, the city offers two new luxury municipal facilities, the water complexes in Coia,  Navia and Barreiro, where you can swim and spend a relaxing afternoon at a spa in Vigo.

Tips and recommendations: 

To swim long stretches in the sea, use a wetsuit. Water temperatures rarely exceed 19º C (66º F).

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