Sárdoma’s Medieval Bridge

Across the Lagares on a medieval bridge

Sárdoma’s medieval bridge is one of Vigo’s civilian architectural jewels, although unknown by many of the locals. In use at least since the 12th century (it’s believed to have been built on an ancient Roman bridge), this ancient construction is worth a visit. Its beautiful surroundings are real bonus.

The Sárdoma Bridge was built across the Lagares River to the east and is very close to an old pazo. According to rumours, the reason why the bridge was paved was to gain easier access to the property. Fortunately, the asphalt disappeared and this 30 feet long bridge, with two semicircular arches, is still in use after centuries of watching over the river.

Tips and recommendations: 

The Lagares River crosses the Sárdoma Parish, an area that has retained its rural charm despite the considerable industrial development brought by the companies that settled along the river banks. The Lagares riverside path that leads to the beaches starts in Sárdoma and then turns into the Senda Azul (Blue Trail).

Practical information

  • Cno. de Carreiros (Sárdoma)