The frozen food industry

The frozen food industry, another business sector in Vigo

The frozen food industry is one of the clearest examples of Vigo’s talent for business. We’re not only great at fishing and canning, we’re also national and European pioneers in the frozen fish industry; six of Vigo's companies in this sector are among the top fifteen in Spain. Vigo’s leadership in everything related to fishing is established during the celebration of the international fair Conxemar, in Ifevi, Vigo’s fairground. It is the most important frozen seafood fair in Spain and the second at a European level. It attracts so many exhibitors and entrepreneurs that the trade fair’s facilities had to be expanded.

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The city’s industrial architecture is one of Vigo’s biggest attractions. You can find the remains of old canneries in the Museum of the Sea, and you’ll look at the Mar de Vigo Auditorium differently if you know that the emblematic Casa Mar, a powerful local company, used to be in its place.

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Practical information

Conxemar is held in Vigo every September.