Bembrive’s Romanesque Church

A visit to Bembrive’s Romanesque past

The small and beautiful Romanesque church in Bembrive presides this parish of Vigo since the 12th century and is one of the most significant examples of religious architecture in Vigo.

This Romanesque church in Vigo was probably constructed over an ancient monastic temple, since the name of the church’s neighbourhood is Mosteiro (Monastery).

If you decide to spend the day exploring the green Bembrive parish, we recommend you visit this single nave temple, whose tympanum holds a beautiful Celtic cross. There are also other Celtic symbols inside (spirals and circles), so historians believe that before this Romanesque church stood another Celtic temple of Early Christian origin. Its beautiful apse is decorated with vegetable and anthropomorphic motifs.

Tips and recommendations: 

If you decide to visit this neighbourhood of Vigo, a stroll through the beautiful Bembrive Forest Park is a definite must. 

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  • C/ de la Iglesia (Bembrive)