Discover Vigo’s Roman saltworks

Salinae is another important archaeological site in Vigo: an interesting tour of the only preserved solar evaporation marine saltworks from the Roman Empire.

The excellent state of preservation of this archaeological site in Vigo allows visitors to understand the operation of a saltern and how the Romans produced salt on the surface of the pools.

The exhibition also offers the opportunity of discovering the exciting world of salt, its history, some of the systems used to obtain it and the different uses given to this important product by Romans in Vigo.

If you’re planning a group visit, call 986 24 76 91 and inquire about guided tours.  

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Salinae, the O Castro site, the site in the Museum of the Sea and the Roman Villa in Toralla are all part of the same archaeological group, a very complete map of the origins of Vigo.

The centre is adapted for people with limited mobility.

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