Public transportation

Public transportation in Vigo is the most comfortable option to move about the city free of hassle. It’s a large city, so driving around can be complicated, especially if it’s your first visit. Taking the bus or a taxi is a great alternative.

The urban bus in Vigo

In Vigo, the urban bus is a synonym for Vitrasa, the public transportation service company. Do not be surprised when you hear everybody in Vigo calling the bus vitrasa. Their webpage has a specific section where you can plan your route and you can also download an application for your mobile phone (Moovit Vigo), to be informed as you go along. There are also night buses available, as well as buses for the beaches in summer.

Taxis in Vigo

If you prefer a little more flexibility, you won’t have any trouble finding a taxi in Vigo. This is a very comfortable option to move about the centre of Vigo and its neighbourhoods. They have reasonable rates and will allow you to get around quickly.