What to do in Vigo

Vigo is a city in northern Spain that is perfect for backpack tourism. You can do a bit of everything here: discover ancient trails along the coast, experience the night-life, attend an improvised live concert, chat with the locals in typical taverns, and enjoy the atmosphere of the morning markets...

There are infinite plans for backpackers in Vigo, but to make sure you have a small selection of the best options available, we have a list of suggestions that will allow you to make the most of your days in Vigo. Get to know its customs and discover the authentic treasures that will go unnoticed by others.

What to do in Vigo: Plans for backpackers

Turismo de Vigo

A winter festival in Bembrive

The Festival of San Blas is Vigo’s winter celebration...

Turismo de Vigo

Celebrate the coming of spring with Os Maios

Vigo has its own spring celebration, the ...

Turismo de Vigo

Recreate the Reconquest of Vigo

The city’s Old Town travels back in time to the 19th century...

Turismo de Vigo

Experience Vigo during its Great Week

Vigo’s Great Week is the largest traditional festival in Vigo...

Turismo de Vigo

Stay the night in the Cíes Islands

The only way to camp in the Cíes is to book one of the 800 spots in the...