Arte Livre Theatre

A unique independent theatre

The Arte Livre Theatre is a peculiar theatre hall in Vigo. Roberto Cordovani and Eisenhower Moreno, two important figures in the theatre scene, created their dream venue in Vigo: a stage to unleash their boundless imagination.

In a space with a capacity for just over 100 people, this close and fresh theatre is directed by the powerful educational tone of the two founding artists, who dedicate much of their programming to children's theatre in Vigo.

Adapting literary classics is this duo’s specialty (Orlando, The Portrait of Dorian Gray, etc.) and usually the theatrical premiere is in Vigo before touring the rest of the country and Brazil, Cordovani’s home country.

Tips and recommendations: 

If you’re visiting Vigo with children, check the Art Livre programme: its children's shows are a real treat.

Whatever play you choose to attend, the costumes, characterization and adaptations by Cordovani and Moreno will surely surprise you.

Practical information