Alto del Príncipe Route

A climb up to the top of Agudo Mountain

The Alto del Príncipe Route is a nature trail that climbs up to the top of Agudo Mountain. It’s the shortest and easiest of the Cíes Islands routes, without missing any of the beauty of the archipelago. Once at the information booth near the pier, turn right along the trail that leads to Figueiras Beach. During this first section, you’ll border the Figueiras-Muxieiro dune complex around the left, which is not accessible since it hosts valuable and very fragile plant specimens, like camariña or wild thyme.

Once you pass Figueiras Beach, turn left to climb up to the top of O Príncipe. From there you’ll be able to enjoy the breathtaking views of the cliffs on the west coast of the archipelago. You’ll also see whimsically shaped rock formations sculpted by the natural elements, like the famous Cíes Islands’ Silla de la Reina.

At this point of the Alto del Príncipe route you’ll notice the contrast of geography and vegetation of the two sides of the islands. It’s also a good place to observe the large colony of yellow-footed seagulls that nest in the cliffs.

Tips and recommendations: 

The higher part of the island hardly has any trees or shade, so it’s advisable to use sun protection in summer.

This route passes by Figueiras Beach, which is nudist.

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Turismo de Vigo
Turismo de Vigo

Practical information

Distance: 1.8 miles.

Duration time: One hour.

Difficulty: Easy.

Type of route: Not circular.