Turismo de Vigo

Vigo is the best destination for those who want to begin to look after themselves and keep their New Year’s resolutions.

What better way to gather strength for the coming year than to take some time out and relax at a spa, hot springs or thalassotherapy centre! Come to the Rías Baixas and choose the treatment that most suits your needs, whether it be for therapeutic, leisure, beauty or relaxation purposes. For business visitors we also have numerous urban spas where you can leave your intense workday behind, or take part in one of many other after-work plans.

It is common knowledge that sport is essential to maintain and improve our health and vitality. Vigo has a number of Forest parks for visitors to go out walking, hiking, cycling or horse-riding. If you are looking for a completely new experience, we can also offer a number of adventure sports as well as a walk along one of our beautiful beaches to soak up the relaxing sound of the waves and a barefoot stroll along the sand.

Another golden rule for staying in good physical shape is without a doubt to maintain a balanced diet. Galicia is a well-known destination for its gastronomy and we have the very freshest raw material to offer you a truly unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Vigo will really take care of you, so let yourself be pampered...!