Vigo Tourism is a primary section in the Department of Trade, Industry, Tourism and SMEs of the Vigo Town Council. Councillor Cayetano Rodríguez Escudero is currently at the head of the municipal department, coordinating a technical crew devoted to the promotion of tourism in Vigo and supporting the local sector.

It’s currently developing the "Tourism Competitiveness Plan for Vigo. Urban and Estuary Tourism", a collaboration between the Vigo Town Council, the Spanish Tourism Institute (Turespaña), the Galician Government and the Pontevedra Provincial Hotel Industry Federation.

The plan seeks to increase the demand and the internationalization of tourism in Vigo, increase revenue and profitability, consolidate employment in complementary services, reduce seasonality and improve the quality of employment.

This website and the promotion of Vigo in social networks are actions under this Tourism Competitiveness Plan.

For more information please click: Convenio para el desarrollo del Plan de Competitividad Turística.

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